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Thank you for interest in joining LetsGet! We here at LetsGet Gaming are always looking for new members for all our games and we hope we can start gaming with you soon. Now some information about LetsGet.

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About Us

LetsGet started out back in 2005 when we were first known as TWU, a small “mini games” clan for counter strike 1.6 that later, turned into one of the top 100 most popular 1.6 servers in North America. Eventually the clan had a following out and we seperated from there. In 2008, Chicken and Old School met on a Counter Strike Source Gun Game server. With a couple of drinks in us and some good old voice spamming of the captain planet theme they became friends very quickly and soon decided to create a clan together. Unable to think of a clan name they decided to use Chicken’s name at the time; LetsGet Drunk and Eat Chicken, for the inspiration behind the name, and on that day…LetsGet was born!

We here at LetsGet are a mature social gaming community. We expect everyone to have a outgoing personality and a sense of humour above all else. That does not mean we do not respect in-game skill…we promote it! Because of this, we ask that everyone being involved have access to some sort of social media or access to teamspeak. Please keep this in mind when writing your answers below, we are looking for social,
friendly, and active members.


1. You must have access to a microphone to join LetsGet.
2. Teamspeak 3 is required.
3. We tolerate profanity, but there are limits, know yours.
4. Trolling members or people online is prohitbed. Trolling is a part of online gaming, talking about it on teamspeak is expected, trolling someone online to make us look like assholes…is not.
5. Any form of hacking or exploitation of any game is a no tolerance policy. If you hack, you are kicked out and you’re steam id will be reported to valve.
6. You must be 18+ to join LetsGet.
7. Listen and respect admins at all times.

You will be notified by e-mail if we have accepted your application or if it was rejected. There will be a set of instructions located inside the e-mail if you have been accepted.

But until than, Enjoy fucking around with LetsGet.

-LetsGet Gaming Community

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